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Thomas' Massage

When we'd first talked on the phone, Thomas seemed wary about the idea of "doing anything gay." So it came as a real surprise that, after bringing up the massage scene, he shrugged his shoulders and said he'd be down for it.

It took nearly a month before the stars aligned and we found a time to meet up. His work schedule with the military is a crazy one -- late nights followed by early mornings reporting for duty. But during those few weeks he'd told a handful of buddies that he was doing porn now.

"They didn't believe me at first," he laughed. But after seeing Thomas with the money in hand, they were lining up to get in for shoots, too!

This was a first for Thomas in a couple ways. He'd never gotten a happy-ending massage before, and it was his first time ever doing anything with a guy. I have a feeling that it was actually his GF who eased his mind about it. He mentioned that she was totally on-board with him doing porn and was fully aware about coming back for an erotic rub-down.

I had mixed feelings about whether or not to edit out part of this video. As mentioned, Thomas works long, odd hours and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. Apparently, the massage was pretty relaxing. As I was ramping up to the cumshot, Thomas had fallen fast asleep and started snoring!

After waking him up, I went at it full bore to get him off. It was an intense one, with Thomas' whole body clenched up as I jacked his uncut cock. The orgasm left him breathless and writhing on the massage table.

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Oliver: in-depth (pts 2-3)

The "in-depth" wrap-up. Back at the loft, Oliver was more than happy to start shedding some clothes and delve into the intimate questions his fans (and I) had for him.

Part two is another 30-ish minute q&a (naked this time) where he talks about his girlfriend situations and how some of them were really turned on to hear he was doing gay porn, what it's like to know that guys are jerking off to him, his advice for other guys who want to do porn, and some of his ultimate sexual fantasies. Even I was surprised at a few of the answers.

Plus we get a close up peek at some of his favorite parts of his body. And a few of our favorite parts.

In part three, if you want to skip the chit-chat, Oliver gets right to work in a super intense jerk off session. He'd been saving up for a couple days and, with all the talk about showing off for the camera, was ready to blow a load. And when it came, Oliver was covered in sweat. He looked down at the mess on his hand and proceeded to lick it clean.

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Gabriel's massage

Gabriel was a tough nut to crack. After his solo shoot, he'd gotten the slow-ball pitch about coming back for a massage shoot, but at the time turned it down outright. We texted a couple times and, even with a little extra cash incentive, he wasn't interested. Much to my surprise, a few weeks later he emailed to say that he was down to give it a shot.

This would be a first for him in a couple ways. He'd certainly never done anything with a guy. And although he'd gotten massages before, he laughed at the thought of one turning into a happy ending.

"Usually the therapist doing the massage is so jacked that it's not really a turn on for me."

Once things got going with the shoot, though, I wondered if there was a smidgen of curiosity in Gabriel's budding sexuality. We'd barely started and already he'd popped a boner.

He'd warned me a couple times that he was getting close after I'd rubbed his hole and gave his cock a few strokes. It seemed that Gabriel was right at the edge the whole time and asked when he was clear to let his nut loose.

I tried my best to keep him on the edge, too, slowly working around the shaft of his dick and rubbing his tight ball sack. But it was a quick tweak of his nipples that pushed him over. Gabriel's cock started shooting even before he had a chance to say that he was about to cum. His whole body convulsed as the cum pooled up and kept on coming and coming.

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Robby's first time

Robby had it in the back of his head about doing porn for a while, but just recently decided to take the leap. A bit of a late-bloomer, he lost his virginity at 18 y/o and, since then, has hit the ground running.

He came across as stand-offish once the cameras were pointed at him; first time nerves, no doubt. So, I asked him what his friends would think if they found out he was getting naked for the world to see.

"I don't know," he said with a shrug. And then adding, "They would probably laugh."

It was a bit of surprise to hear that Robby wasn't a jock growing up because he's got the bod that would say otherwise. Rather, he was a skateboarder, and is currently touring around with his reggae band, obviously hitting the gym in between all that.

Robby has quite the healthy jerk off regimen, going up to five times a day with periods of "abstinence" up to a week. Sex may have come later in life, but Robby started pulling his pud before he was even a teenager.

What was impressive was that Robby kept his hands out of his pants for a whole five days before showing up for his shoot. And it was lucky that I had the camera ready as quickly as I did once he got the thumbs up for his big finish. Within seconds he grabbed his cock and was ready to blow his thick load.

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Cory's Massage

After his first shoot, I'd told Cory that he could come back for a happy-ending massage. It didn't take a whole lot of convincing. As I mentioned earlier, I think Cory is a little curious; if nothing else, he's open-minded.Cory had never gotten a massage before, happy-ending or "regular". And except for the hand-job he got last time, hadn't done anything with a guy either, so we were popping a few cherries for this shoot. It was impressive to hear that Cory had not only saved up for a few days, but had "blue-balled" the night before with his girlfriend. So, he was extra horny when he showed up. We actually had to stop at one point because he was going to bust too soon; Cory warned me just barely in time for a trickle of cum to leak out of his cock.
When the real cumshot came, it was explosive. Stream after stream rocketed out, landing all the way up to his shoulder. And if once wasn't enough (which obviously it wasn't), Cory took about a 2 minute break and shot another massive load! I'd say he liked his first massage.

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Ricky Busts A Nut

Ricky started thinking about trying his hand in porn about a month ago. He'd told a couple buddies about his idea for a side job and after both gave him enthusiastic thumbs-up he got in touch to set up his first ever shoot.

His beaming personality was infectious. Ricky is a joker and talker, for sure. His tall, 6' 3" stature commanded some attention when he walked in the room (not to mention his size 15 feet!) And being a swimmer through school, he wasn't too shy or nervous about shedding his clothes.

Something told me that even beyond the clothes-free atmosphere of the locker room, Ricky has had a nonchalant attitude about how or when or who was seeing him naked. Back in middle school, he and his best friend used to hang out and jerk off together while sharing the porn they were watching: "Hey, what are you watching? Send me that link!"

Ricky put some thought into his porn debut, even asking his buddies what they thought would look good during his shoot. They told him to try stroking his cock backhanded. It was, I'll admit, a nice touch. Overall, I'd say he nailed it. I even had to stop him a couple times because I was convinced he was going to cum too soon. Nope. He was just really getting into it for the cameras.

Like a trooper, he saved up a couple days worth of a load, too. When it was time to get that poison out of his balls, Ricky really went to town hammering on his cock. His whole upper body was flushed red as he got to the finish line and shot all over his smooth stomach while he panted out of breath on the couch.

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Barry's Massage

When I hit Barry up about coming back for a happy-ending massage he barely batted an eye before saying he was down for it. Not only is he an open-minded guy, but a considerate one -- he got his girlfriend's approval before sending a text about setting up the shoot.

Barry had gotten a rub down once before. A couple years ago by a girl he paid at a massage parlor. He shrugged it off as a, "Why not?" experience. This time, of course, was a little different.

The cash waiting at the end might have been a motivating part, but something told me that he was a little excited about trying something new and having a guy do the honors. A big clue was that be was already halfway hard by the time he unwrapped the towel from his waist.

No sooner was Barry face down on the massage table than his cock was swelling up from between his legs. His furry ass was too much to resist. And Barry was glad to lift his hips up to give his hole some attention.

Rolling over onto his back, Barry's cock was flying high. With every pass of my hands it got harder, and his facial expressions grew more and more intense. After a few last rubs down his hairy chest, I grabbed his rod with the finish line in mind.

Slowly working his cock at first, I picked up the pace, bringing Barry up to an orgasm that left him quietly gasping as his cum left its traces across his happy trail.

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Oliver's surprise handjob.

Oliver had only been thinking about doing porn for a few days, but when his mind was made up he did a bunch of research, made sure to get all the right photos for his application, and sent in an enthusiastic email saying he wanted to give it a shot. He even convinced his girlfriend to let him try it out. She agreed, since it was, "just a solo video."

When Oliver showed up, he just started peeling off his clothes. Ready to get to work, apparently. After explaining that he'd be getting naked soon enough, I started asking him about why he decided to make the leap and show off his stuff to the world.

"I wanted to see what all the fuss was about," he said with a laugh. "It sure as hell looks like fun on the screen, and I wanted to try my hand at what it'd be like on the other side of the computer screen."

As we started shooting, it was hard to tell if Oliver was eager to make a good first impression, or being a bit flirty. I tested the waters by giving his dick a few strokes during the shoot and he barely flinched. It had been a while since he last jerked off, so it seemed like the attention was welcome.

Out came the ol' measuring tape. Oliver looked confused at first as he was getting sized up, and then a grin crept across his face, saying that he'd always wondered how big around his cock was. I grabbed the lube and asked if he wanted to make some extra cash. It took all of two seconds for Oliver to agree.

He closed his eyes and pulled his arms behind his head. Oliver's body started twitching and clenching up as he got closer to cumming, until finally his whole upper body was shaking and he started gasping that he was going to finish. A spray of cum flew out and coated Oliver's stomach as he lay on the couch, panting and convulsing.

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Blowing Oren

Oren had always heard that guys give better head than most girls. After getting a sample of some dick sucking during his happy-ending massage last time, he got back in touch about doing the bj scene I'd mentioned to him.

He had said that money was the driving factor for coming back, but as soon as the cameras were turned on Oren's cock was bulging through his shorts, signaling that something else besides cash might be the motivator. Hard dicks, as they say, don't lie.

The curve of Oren's boner was just about perfect for sliding right down my throat. He didn't say as much, but based on his facial expression every time I took it down to the base, it seemed like Oren would agree. His ball sack was so tight that it looked like he was about to bust at any second.

Oren had never been rimmed and, at first, wasn't so sure it was something he was willing to try. Between being super horny and just being the "try-anything-once" type of guy, it didn't take much convincing. I'm sure he was glad he agreed to try it. Oren moaned and squirmed in pleasure as my tongue worked its way between his ass cheeks.

I won't lie -- it took some work to get Oren up to the edge. But every minute got more and more intense as his body clenched up and his eyes darted back-and-forth from the porn playing in the background and down to his cock. As his breathing became more of a pant, he was barely able to speak.

"Right there. Oh, yeah, right there," he gasped. "Don't stop. Don't stop." Dabs of cum splattered onto Oren's leg as he moaned loudly, his whole body twitching.

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Brantley: qwicky

Brantley has always been the type of guy to push the limits; do something risky just for the thrill of possibly getting caught.

We were making our way down the stairwell of a parking garage while out do some sightseeing when Brantley's eyes got a little glimmer in them.

"We should do a video in here," he said without a hint of facetiousness.

Brantley's gears were turning, coming up with another twist at the last second. After stripping down and watching some porn on his phone for a few minutes, he turned on the video camera on his phone and started filming himself.

It ended up as a hot "picture-in-picture" of Brantley blowing his load, simultaneously seen from the wide angle cameras and a close-up from the phone's view.

Tags: Qwicky

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