Shaw Mendes accidentially caught getting his cock sucked!

Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes has leaked a photo of him exposing his big cock get sucked! You don't want to miss this!

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Young Straight Yoga Teacher Will Richards Shows How Flexible he is and Cums Loads!

William Richards is a handsome straight lad, good looking with blond hair, he is tall, lean but muscular. He's a yoga teacher, and that immediately makes you want to see how flexible he really is! His body shows the fact that he keeps himself fit. As he strips off his strong muscular upper body and thick thighs look amazing, and his lightly hairy legs and chest are very alluring! He gets hard and wanks his big uncut cock, filming it himself a little. He shows off his bendiness, showing us his ass, then carries on playing with his big dick until he unloads a hot load of cum over his abs!

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Garden's Party Part One

Elias Roy trains Gabriell Ange behind the house to have more intimacy with him.
Kisses become faster and more intense.
Soon the two young guys are going to be naked in the garden, for an outdoor sex in the sun of the city of Nimes.

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Bait: Dustin Steele
Straight: Sean

This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies featuring two hot men, rocking two hot bodies, and two beautiful and thick cocks. And, those two hot men would be Dustin Steele and Sean!

When Sean appeared on BaitBuddies, Dustin was interested to find out who he was so he asked Caruso. Caruso wanted to know why and Dustin told him that it's because he's hot and that he considers him and very manly man like himself. Oh, and the fact the Sean can rock a mustache!

Caruso decided to contact Sean but wasn't sure how it would go since Sean's last visit at BaitBuddies where he ended up fucking Trey Turner instead of a girl. But, Sean was interested and wanted Caruso to describe Dustin to him and Caruso quickly said that he's a cowboy. And, to Caruso's surprise, Sean must have a new thing for cowboys because he was all about making it happen.

Shortly after the phone call, both guys were on the couch and ready to get started. So, Caruso stepped back and let these two hot studs go at it! Both guys started off by rimming each other's big bubble-butts and finished off with some intense flip-fucking!

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Enjoy the cocks

Billie, Eric, Matt and Robbie are sitting around feeling horny. Matt's a little nervous; he's never been with another guy. But the little head rules the big head (like the saying goes) and pretty soon he's enjoying the cock as much as his buddies. Great sucking, intense cumshots and cute young men!

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Jay over the knee part two

This is the conclusion of Jay's harsh over-the-knee spanking. His butt was already sore and bright red by the end of part one. Now he experiences a harsh belting and painful paddling, as well as a session with the Wartenberg wheel. Jay's eyes are damp throughout as he struggles with the intensity of...

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"Does the government have a problem with my tattoo art?" 
"I wouldn't know about that. I'm here only as a customer."

The Nazi officer has noticed that others in his unit have gotten promoted after they had Nazi symbols tattooed on their arms. The tattoo artist advises him ( in what could be considered a treasonous tone)

"Why not have a swastika inked right onto the head of your cock! THAT WAY EVERY TIME YOU GET YOURSELF EXCITED, YOU'LL BE SHOWING OFF YOUR DEVOTION TO THE PARTY!"

A swastika on your arm couldn't do that." The officer snarls back, "That would not be politically incorrect. Be respectful or I may have to report you!! "

The officer is very proud of his washboard abdominals which he thinks resemble those on male statuary that is said to turn the Fuhrer on. So the officer's abs are where the officer wants his swastika tattoo.

Instead of a tattoo, the artist delievers a stiff punch to said abs followed by a right cross to the jaw, knocking the arrogant Nazi out cold.

The artist carries the limped out Nazi over his shoulder in fireman style down the hall to his tattoo studio where the officer gets stripped down to his boot tops, hog tied and gagged. The officer comes to just as the artist is putting finishing touches on a pair of  fat swastikas on the twin orbs of the Nazi Officer's ass.

The artist massages the officer's cock till he gets it rock hard .
Then, holding its head tight in one hand, he starts zapping it with his ink gun, just as previously suggested.  Sound track fades out as our gagged Superman starts bawlin' like a baby !

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DEREK2 / anal

Derek is back and I cleaned this boy up and put him in a Charlie uniform and DAMN did he look good! Derek is one of those guys that is strikingly good looking and you just want to stare him up. On this occasion Derek came back because he wants to experiment but also because he needed to make some money so here we are today! Derek let me suck his beautiful cock and then bent my ass over and fucked me good, I mean real good.

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Angelo Marconi Gags On Jimmy Durano

Jimmy Durano heads over to Angelo Marconi's apartment for a quick hook-up, and Angelo has no idea what he's in for! Stud Jimmy rams his thick rod down Angelo's throat, testing his gag reflex again and again. Cock fully lubricated with spit, Jimmy turns Angelo over and slides balls deep inside him, pounding away to a messy climax.

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Rain date

Dani Robles is back, and this week he’s squeezing his tight anus around Damon Heart’s cock.
Poor, poor Dani. The rain is coming down in buckets, drenching his fine, skin-tight suit, and he’s lost the key to his flat. Damon—a new model here at MAP—is his kind neighbor, offering him shelter from the storm . . . but for a price! It doesn’t take long for Damon to start rubbing Dani’s nipples through his soaked button-down shirt, and after that, Dani is on his knees servicing Damon’s dick with his moist mouth, moaning his enjoyment with each slurp. Damon returns the favor by burying his face in Dani’s well-plowed butt. But that’s just the beginning.

Damon slams his dick up Dani’s butt on the kitchen island, making Dani grunt and shout in sheer ecstasy. And when it comes to riding stiff cocks, Dani is a champ. He bounces on Damon’s dick fast and hard when they take their massive fuck session from the kitchen to the sofa. And, as always, Dani gives us one of his explosive, copious cumshots. Rain Date is so raunchy it will make you think twice about carrying an umbrella this spring.

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Ariel Varga - The Perfect Twink!

From his crystal blue eyes and pouty lips to his smooth chest and long uncut cock, this handsome young man might just be the perfect twink. Perfect AND horny!

Ariel strokes his long uncut cock through the thick fabric of his blue jeans, coaxing his pecker to attention to life before stripping down and relaxing on the bed for some well deserved alone time. His smooth chest and long legs look amazing as this handsome young man stretches out on the bed and works his tool with a perfect touch. Edging himself closer and closer to release before blasting a thick load of twink cum all over his smooth tight belly. He looks up at the camera with those beautiful blue eyes as the cum cools on his smooth skin. Relieved but never satisfied. Delicious!

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