Armie Hammer Caught In Hotel Room.

The Call Me By Your Name star has leaked a photo of caught naked in a hotel room with another man! Check it out now!

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Strong Will Scene 4

The Boys of Buckshot make up the student body of STRONG WILL: The Assertion. Under the strict and disciplined direction of the Head Master of Boys Kristofer Weston, the hunks of Strong Will provide a textbook example of fucking and sucking at its finest. This is a master class in man-on-man sexual education and only honor roll studs need apply.

Strong Will features Buckshot Freshmen Guy Parker, Donny Malone, Mason Wyler and Trystian Sweet. These promising and talented lads have a bright future ahead. We encouraged them to apply and assert themselves in the filming of Strong Will and they didn’t disappoint. They are joined by Buckshot Sophomores Tory Mason, Zack Randall and Omer, all returning for some higher learning and some hot and heavy fucking. With Buckshot Big Man on Campus Dean Phoenix, these guys show us again and again why they have risen to the head of the class.

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Vice, Scene #01

Damian Taylor is part of Vice and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won't nark unless he gets a taste of Damian's dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does such a good job that Damian enters the holding cell to take it a step further. 'It's your turn man,' Damian declares as he gets down between Colby's thighs to service the hung stud's big hairy cock. The taste of Colby down his throat gets Damian revved up and needing Colby inside him. Colby opens Damian up with his tongue before Damian hops on to get what he wants most. Colby slides his throbbing dick deep into Damian's furry ass as Colby bounces up and down taking it balls deep. Colby wants control and bends Damian over the bench to pound his ass from behind. He builds up to a frenzy, pumping in and out as Damian moans with each thrust from behind. 'Make me cum!' Colby demands, as he pulls out to spray Damian's lips and beard with ropes of thick white cum. All of the cum on his face makes Damian ready to blow his load and he lets loose to shoot his jizz all over the holding cell floor.

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Romeo, Nestor and Mister X.

Romeo and Nestor are at the depot a very hot gay nightclub in Paris. Romeo starts sucking Nestor's dick in the backroom. A surprise guest will join them, call him mister X, he does not want to be known. Mister X will fuck Romeo's ass who will love it so much that he is going to cum on the floor of the club. What a jet!

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Calvin has big juicy lips that hypnotize you in to thinking just how amazing it would be to have them wrapped around your cock or better yet seeing him worship one of our vets. His body is in amazing condition and he has some very well placed ink. His look and those hot lips of his will drive you crazy as he begins to tug on his hard cock. His beautiful thick lips and eyes stare right at you as he strokes his throbbing cock slowly. He waves at the camera hoping to get some fans which I'm sure he will once this hits the web. Calvin will draw you in with his gaze and mesmerize you with his succulent lips. You can see his veins almost popping out of his skin as he grips his cock stroking every inch of his shaft. The man is so smooth you could lick him clean with no resistant. I have a strong feeling we will see Calvin with some of our vets real soon. Calvin gives the call to Claude and soon after he shoots his creamy built up load all over himself. What a great ending as Calvin tells us how amazing it was to release that hot load. Enjoy!

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Power Bottom Pt 1.

Evan loves getting pounded; he's a true power bottom. And good 'ol Ty Royal is only too happy to grant his wish. After some wet, slurpy sucking, Ty's ready to throw his puppy a bone. Hard fucking action and juicy cumshots.

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Straight Hunk Jaxon North - Well Muscled Thick Uncut Cock & Cums Loads, Hitting his Face!

Jaxon North is a handsome young lad, full of confidence and heavily muscled, he has stunningly strong upper body and legs, tattoos, stubble and an easy handsome smile. He clearly keeps himself fit and is proud of his amazing physique, he pulls off his pants with a massive grin, and plays with his uncut cock, which gets big, and massively thick. He bends over, showing us his hairy hole, pulling apart his cheeks, then wanks himself, filming some of it himself, he hands round that thick dick. His balls tighten and he cums, splattering thick cum over his muscled body, and splatters his face! Great cumshot.

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Brian Davila Breeds Teddy Bryce

Brian Davilla is washing away the stress after a hard day, when he's joined by Teddy Bryce who has a far better way to relieve the stress. Teddy takes Brian's thick cock deep to the back of his throat, testing his gag reflex on that huge hunk of meat. Then his twitching boy butt is ready to take Brian's tool balls deep...

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FULLER3 / anal

This is the continuing saga of Fuller who first shot with me back in early 2010 and was completely against anything other than head. Bj for cash. That's how he rolled. Well today he needs money and plenty of it so he's finally sticking his straight dick up Rob's ass and nut right back in it! Watch as Fuller unwillingly becomes a victim in the quest for a straight load that only Rob can procure. Fuller questions every step until the urge to nut came at him and after he blew he was ready for bed!

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Boris Lang - Handjob.

Boris Lang, big and muscular, was scheduled for a full body tuneup. Mr. Hand Jobs is taking time to feel and massage every body part, paying particular attention to Boris' massive cock, still hiding in his shorts. Eventually cock comes out and Mr. Jobs is using both hands to properly jerk it off. Hot hot video you should not miss!

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Nevon & Xander:  (cumshow pt 2)

Things heated up in part 2 of Nevin and Xander's live cam show. The viewers were restless and encouraging the guys to push their boundaries. And at this point, as the tips kept rolling in and the "lubricating" effect of Jack Daniels was doing its job, the guys were ready to take things up a notch.

They're best friends, but I doubt they thought they would ever take their friendship to this level. Part one ended with the guys making out. Before long, Nevin was reaching over to stroke Xander's cock. Their facial expressions tell it all; this was moving into uncharted territory.

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