Tobey Maguire Snapchat Cock Photo Leaked

The actor who swung to fame as the star of the 2002 film Spider-Man has leaked a snapchat photo of him exposing his cock! Check it out now!

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Tanning Cream

You will discover two new dudes, filmed for the first time on
We shot this video near Paris at Sauna Les Terasses. A beautiful weather and a temperature that will rise as the video.
Nelson and Esteban tan on the terrace and look at each other. Esteban applies suntan cream and Nelson offers to help him ...
Maybe not just to apply the cream. Well, not the same cream

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Mack starts out slow as he takes his shirt off and moving slowly down to undo his pants. Once he unzips his pants his sexy hard cock flops right out and he grabs it with both hands and immediately starts masturbating. He has a great looking dick and his thick firm thighs are to die for. Mack becomes more and more comfortable as he plays with his balls and strokes his long thick shaft for our viewing pleasure. Mack's legs are spread nice and wide so we can see his balls hanging and touching the couch. We can only hope Mack enjoyed himself enough to come back and explore some more of his sexuality with us. We'll take very good care of him since he showed us an amazing show stroking that hard cock of his and busting a very thick creamy load all over himself. Enjoy!

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Bait: Jay Alexander
Straight: Wes Kraven

This week, we welcome back the one and only Jay Alexander! Jay keeps getting better looking each time he shows up on his search for straight cock! He's been hitting the gym hard and it shows! You have to see the guns on this Latin lover!

We paired up Jay with our new 6'6'' straight stud named Wes Kraven! Wes is only 24 and he's in need of cash but he's also in need of good sex! He has a girlfriend at home but she's not giving him what he needs so he's here today to get laid and get paid!

Caruso steps out to check on the female talent while both guys work their cocks up. When he returns, it's bad news... No girl will be showing up today but if Jay and Wes are willing to have sex with each other then Caruso can pay them double the money. Wes caves in and Jay starts working his cock! The scene ends with Wes fucking the cum out of Jay before pulling out and shooting his load all over Jay's cock!

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Young Toned Boxer Dominic Moore Shows his 8 Inch Uncut Erection & Cums Like a Fireman's Hose!

Dominic Moore is a young lad who does lots of boxing - his body is lean and ripped and smooth - he's a good looking lad, a youthful face, outgoing nature and happy to get out of his clothes for the camera! When he does his uncut cock bounces up to attention - his uncut dick is big, very big, and he wanks it hard for us, rock solid in his hands - and sometimes he does use two hands! He films some of it himself, and then shows off his bum, a tight hairy hole! He lays on his back to bring himself off, his big balls go tight and he unloads his thick cream - shooting it really far!

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Sgt. Landon Solo

Straight off base, Sgt. Landon is a 25 year old Marine from Nebraska who stands at 5'10" and weighs in at 170 lbs. Landon is about to get out of the Marine Corps in a few months and he swings over to the Major's quarters in his silkies to rub one out for the camera. Sgt. Landon packs a very thick 7 inches of delectable Devildog dick and he tells the Major that back in his high school days he would usually bust his nut approximately 10 times each day. The Major orders him to lose his silkies and Landon then proceeds to stroke his mighty meat-cannon until he bursts several massive spurts of cum downrange across the couch.

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New Year's Showdown: The Afterparty

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, we've paired two of our hottest and most popular new models with BBA's most popular "gay for pay" star, finally making his surprise return after nearly a year!

After surrendering his flawless bubble-butt to sexy newcomer Manny Killa's massive dick in Part One of BBA's first-ever New Year's special, Apollo was still horny and eager to bury his dick deep in some tight, warm ass of his own.

And after enjoying the show mainly as a voyeur, Mar was excited and ready to sample BBA's #1 star for himself....even if that meant giving up his own tight track-star ass to the sculpted straight boy! ...

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Shoot Me Please part 2

Photographer Ty Royal is shooting some stills of newcomer Zack Knight. But Zack really wants Ty's big, hard dick up his ass. Flirting leads to Zack's mouth wrapped around Ty's dick and before you know it they're fucking. Nice hot hard action!

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ROCK / blowjob

Ever so often I come across a straight guy that really gets my motor running more than most I encounter and "THE ROCK" is definitely in that category. I met the Rock online and I wasn't sure that I would even get a answer back when I responded to his ad on craigslist. I must have worded things right because I was blown away when this stud responded and told me he was interested in hearing more. After enough rhetoric back and forth I convinced him to meet me and when it was all said and done we had gone from negotiating a whackoff to pussy porn to me going down on my knees and giving him one of the best blowjobs of his natural born life.

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Ricky's massage

When Ricky was over last time, after his solo shoot, I'd asked him about coming back for a massage. He wasn't too sure about it and said he'd give it some thought. A couple weeks went by before I got a text from him, asking if the offer was still there. Of course it was!

Ricky showed up with a bit of a surprising story. I'd asked if he had gotten a happy-ending before and it turned out that he had just the week before... from a transgender girl who'd been less-than-upfront about her gender identity. Ricky rolled with the situation, though, and crossed a few new boundaries. After that experience, he figured getting a rub down from a guy wouldn't be that much of a mental leap. Hey -- whatever works. ....

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Angelo Marconi Gags On Jimmy Durano

Jimmy Durano heads over to Angelo Marconi's apartment for a quick hook-up, and Angelo has no idea what he's in for! Stud Jimmy rams his thick rod down Angelo's throat, testing his gag reflex again and again. Cock fully lubricated with spit, Jimmy turns Angelo over and slides balls deep inside him, pounding away to a messy climax.

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