Chord Overstreet, Hacked and Hung!

The hunk from Glee has leaked a photo of him exposing his big hung cock! You don't want to miss this!

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Owen Steal

Owen is one big sexy man full of muscle with some amazing art work and a hard cock ready to let loose. He has no hair on his smooth muscular body and his cock is long and hard. He loves to stroke it fast with a bear grip and play with his ass. Owens tight little hole is super smooth as he uses his fingers to rub it while he strokes his hard throbbing cock building up his balls for one amazing release. He loves to show off his ripped body giving the camera his best posture as he tugs on his hard cock. Owen is fired up and ready and was hoping he could have one of our vets with him but he has to go through our solo check and if you guys like him we will bring him back for some hot man on man action. Owen barely makes a peep but the look on his face tells us that he is about to explode with one huge load and as Claude comes around to show us his full body sprawled out on our couch Owen lets loose one nice manly load all over his ripped inked chest. Enjoy!

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Security Check - Pablo Bravo Fucks Kai NOMURA

We find Pablo Bravo who is security agent in a sex club in Paris.
He has noticed a young Brazilian on vacation and is preparing to give him a thorough security check, for our greatest pleasure!

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Bait: Sean Duran
Straight: Adrian

Sean Duran is back, bigger than ever, and he has some new ink. At least now he can always have some cock on that beautiful chest of his! Sean has always been a great and convincing bait guy and since he can't get enough straight cock, he's back at the studio and hopefully he can land some straight Latino dick!

Adrian is the straight guy this week and he's a hot Latino from Columbia. Adrian is a sex fanatic and he's already had threesomes and orgies! He's had so many women already that he can only recall fucking one of them in the ass. He loved how tight it was but he thought it was kind of weird. But, that didn't stop him from busting a nut! Adrian has a great body, great face, and a fat uncut cock! Oh, and his ass is big and beautiful. Caruso asked Adrian if he's ever let a girl lick it and he said no way because that it would be too weird...

As usual, Caruso had to break the news that the girl can't make it but he can offer double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Obviously, Sean was down for it but Adrian wasn't. Then, out of nowhere, Adrian said I'll try it. Sean jumped at the chance and grabbed Adrian's cock and started stroking it. Before the scene is over, Sean will have rimmed Adrian and both guys will have fucked each other good and hard!

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WEST4 / anal

West had returned yet again because I can't get enough of this beautiful blonde/blue Marine stud. I made him come back to fuck my ass good and hard like only this boy can. I started by sucking his beautiful 6 inch cock and then proceeded to sit down on this man's unit and ride it like a whore in a rodeo. The interesting twist today is that I discovered a part of West's body that seems to enjoy tongue action!

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Bed Sharers

Thanks to a hotel area and a sudden lack of available rooms in the area, tour bros Johnny Hill and Jacob Peterson have no other choice but to share a single bed. Neither one of them is particularly keen on the idea, but as they crash out, all seems well enough, until Johnny starts fingering Jacob's ass in his dreams. He sleepily tells Jacob to suck him off, so Jacob thinks about it for a second and decides to do it. Johnny instantly becomes hard in his mouth, but when he comes to, he wonders why Jacob is sucking his dick. Embarrassed, both guys turn away from each other as Johnny, now fully awake, actually considers what it would be like to fuck his bro. His dick gets hard just thinking about it, so he turns and initiates with Jacob again. Jacob is tentative but eager at the same time, and eventually he resumes sucking Johnny off. It turns out to be the best decision Johnny ever made, as he instantly realizes his friend can suck a mean dick. After returning the favor, he fingers Jacob's ass again with designs to fuck it raw. Jacob is game, and so Johnny enters from behind, slowly inching his rock hard cock bareback into Jacob's waiting hole. Jacob takes it with ease, and Johnny wonders how much secret dick his friend has been getting on the side, but nonetheless, he proceeds to pound Jacob all over the bed, fucking him doggy before letting Jacob take a ride on the Johnny Hill Express. Jacob strokes himself while he grinds his ass against Johnny, taking his cock deep inside him. He's ready to lose his load, so he tells Johnny to flip him onto his back and fuck him hard. Johnny does as he's told and Jacob spits a nice batch all over his stomach as Johnny pulls out and blasts his hole with a mammoth load. They smile and kiss, knowing it's gonna be one hell of a vacation from here on out. Enjoy!

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Service Me!, Scene #02

Pierce Paris comes to the tanning salon to get a little darker. Attendant Brett Dylan accidently walks in as Pierce is applying some tanning lotion. Since he's already there, Pierce asks Brett to get his back with some lotion. Brett's hands wander from Pierce's strong back, across his abs and down to his dick. Pierce lets the horny stud keep exploring, and soon Brett is on his knees slurping on Pierce's giant cock. Pierce returns the favor and gets Brett out of his uniform to showcase his own cocksucking skills on Brett. Pierce keeps working his mouth up and down Brett's shaft until Brett unloads thick ropes of cum on Pierce's face. With Brett's load dripping from his face, Pierce stands up and jerks his cock until he busts in Brett's open mouth.

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Jax & Scott Jerk & Suck Webcam

Straight off base, USMC studs and best battle-buddies, Lance Corporal Jax and Sergeant Scott (fresh out of the Corps) swing by the Major's penthouse quarters to do a hot webcam show for several of their online friends. They first hop into the shower to get the action underway and then head to the couch to lube up and stroke each other off before Sgt. Scott positions himself between LCpl Jax's hairy legs to chow down on Jax's hard and juicy meat-missile. After a few minutes of sharing a fleshlight between themselves, Sgt. Scott blows a hefty cumload onto his pubes and LCpl Jax soon follows with a super thick load of cum onto his hairy treasure-trail.

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Straight Young Footballer Mason Mount Shows Us His Hairy Body and Rock Solid Uncut Cock!

Mason is a confident and smiley young man, handsome and keen to show off, he's very sporty and plays a lot of football. He's definitely got footballer's legs - strong, muscular and hairy! He's down to his tight underwear in no time, and lays back on the bed playing with his uncut cock. It's thick and meaty and its rock solid, wanking it, then flipping over and showing off his hairy hole for us. Before unloading he puts his footie kit back on and shoots a massive load over his football top!

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Gettin' Serviced!

There's nothing wrong with Giovanni Rossi's car, he's just heard that there's a mechanic with a fucking big cock and balls who works at the garage. He's not disappointed when he discovers Graydon Emory Ford jacking his fat meat. Giovanni is on that thick cock in a second, sucking it down to the back of his throat, eager to get it deep inside him...

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Luis Blava - Best Friends - Amateur Filming

Cute video we have gotten from Luis Blava. Luis' friend gets a visit, nice muscular dude, he admires during lunch, touching his ripped hard body. Then in a flash both dudes just drop their clothes and start sucking each other's cocks, and now we know they are actually best friends and have done this few times before. And fun just does not stop there, as you will find out!

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