Liam Payne Personal Uncut Cock Photo Leaks!

Former One Direction member has leaked a personal photo of him exposing his big uncut cock! Check it out now!

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Blaine Jameson

Blaine is a very sexy tall well-built young man with ripped abs and big firm arms. He lies out on the couch with his long strong legs and begins to slowly take his clothes off showing us his body. Once he drops his clothes he starts working on his cock which gets hard right away and he continues to stroke it at a slow but firm pace. He was so excited to bust a nut but we had to tell him to hold it back so we could bask in his sexiness and make sure he gives us a great sexy show. Blaine makes his way back to our awesome couch and he begins to play with his throbbing cock even more stroking it fast and building up is nut that he has been holding since he stepped off the plane. Blaine bounces up from the couch and stands over our glass table as he gives his cock the final strokes and he unleashes a stream of thick cum droplets all over the glass table making for one beautiful mess. Enjoy!

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Malik XXL  Fucks Newcommer Mathyas Bareback  PT One

Malik XXL is back to welcome a new dude, Mathyas.
Mathyas has a beautiful ass and well-dilated hole to accommodate the huge cock of Malik.
Malik is going to have a lot of fun pounding that firm ass.

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Bait: Jorge
Straight: Darin

It's been a while since we've seen Darin Silvers but he's back this week in a special edition of Darin gets bigger and better each time he comes back and even though he's filmed a lot of scenes with dudes, he still considers himself straight and is only gay for pay!

Jorge is this week's bait and he's a big fan of Darin. As a matter of fact, Jorge emailed Caruso and told him that he thought Darin was the hottest guy on the website and that he loves to jack off while watching him. So, Caruso decided to make Jorge's dream come true and contacted Darin to set up the shoot.

Caruso steps back and lets the guys get down to business. And, after a little undressing and kissing, Jorge drops to his knees and starts choking down Darin's fat cock! Jorge services Darin and rides his thick dick like a champ before dropping to his knees once again so that he can swallow Darin's hot load!

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JULIANO / blowjob

Today I'm introducing a new recruit to the militaryclassified line up and he may look familiar to some of you because you may have seen him on a competing website but today I've managed to wrangle him in through a referral of a friend and give this stud one of my special blowjobs that really gave him a new perspective on gay for pay! Watch as JULIANO learns how to handle a blowjob from Rob!

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Cum Showers

As Blake Hunter showers himself off, he doesn't realize his front door has blown open from the wind. Nosy neighbor Julian Grey sees the open door and thinks something might be wrong, so he takes it upon himself to check on Blake. When he finds him naked in the shower, Blake is shocked and covers himself up, telling Julian that everything is fine. But as Julian moves closer and closer, Blake realizes Julian didn't just drop by to check up on him. Julian reaches out and kisses Blake, pulling him in closer, as Blake slips his hand inside Julian's waistline, running his fingers over the bulge in Julian's pants. They make their way to Blake's bedroom and Julian kisses his way down Blake's body, wrapping his lips around Blake's cock as he lay on his stomach and spreads his legs. Blake runs his fingers down Julian's crack as his dick gets hard inside Julian's mouth, and after returning the favor and getting Julian rock and hard, Julian tongues Blake's hole before standing up and sliding his dick deep inside his neighbor's hole. He fucks Blake raw from behind as Blake reaches back and strokes himself simultaneously. Blake decides one good turn deserves another, so once Blake tires a bit, they switch places and Blake positions himself behind Julian's perfect bubble butt. He's fantasized about fucking his neighbor so many times, and now that it's finally happening, Blake seizes the opportunity, pounding Julian all over the bed, until he's ready to burst. He pulls out just in time to coat Julian's cock with his load, which makes Julian lose his nut just as suddenly. Coated in jizz, Julian asks Blake if he'd like to head back to the shower. Enjoy!

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Max In The City, Scene #02

Roman Todd is visiting San Francisco and is renting a room from Lucas Leon. There's an instant spark between the two strangers as they lock eyes. Lucas leaves to get a towel for Roman, and returns to catch Roman stripping down and rubbing his bulge in front of a mirror. Roman sees Lucas watching him from the stairs and turns to nod his head as an invitation to join. Lucas jumps at the opportunity and joins the stud in his room. Lucas can't resist the sight of Roman's massive cock and gets down to lick every inch the hunk has to offer. After a nice long blowjob, Roman is ready for more and bends Lucas over the bed to rim the young stud until he's asking for Roman to fill his ass with cock. Roman needs his release and fast so he sticks his dick deep inside Lucas, pumping away as Lucas moans out with each thrust from the muscle hunk's big cock. Roman plows Lucas even harder until Lucas decides he wants to watch Roman face-to-face as he pounds his hole. Lucas' cock is throbbing and ready to blow as Roman fucks the cum out of the young stud's fat cock. Lucas isn't quite done though; he's still thirsty for cum and opens his mouth wide as Roman drops his load inside. It's a great first day in San Francisco for Roman and a jackpot rental for Lucas.

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Heath & Hurley Suck & Fuck!

Straight off base, USMC Corporals and platoon buddies, Heath and Hurley, swing over to the Major's quarters for some well-deserved bromance action after a long week of training in the hot California desert. These two very horny Marine studs get right down to business with a long session of kissing before they strip each other's clothes off leading to Heath chowing down on Hurley's thick and throbbing meat-missile. Hurley soon reciprocates with some really hot cock sucking action while looking up at Heath's pleasure-filled face. Hurley then gets Heath to move up to the window frame above the bed so his tongue can get better access to Heath's tight, hairy manhole. They move back onto the bed and Hurley continues to tongue-fuck his best buddy's juicy ass before slowly easing his thick hard cock into Heath. Then Hurley positions Heath on his side and begins pounding away while Heath strokes his own cock before moving onto his back to blow a huge load all over himself while Hurley pounds away. Hurley soon pulls out and pops his thick jizz onto Heath's stomach and they finish up with one last kiss.

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Young Pup Caeden Strips out his Football Kit and Fucks Himself with a Big Dildo!

Caeden is a young lad with a naughty edge, he's smooth, cheeky and loves to play with his ass! Today we've got him on the bed with a selection of toys - he's determined to try them all! He strips out of his sports kit, his big uncut cock gets hard and he wanks, and then he pushes in the first toy - it obviously feels good and he pumps it in and out of him as he carries on wanking - filming some of it himself. He switches between dildos, pushing them deep into himself, imagining he's been fucked hard I'm sure! He pumps them and brings himself to cumming, unloading all over his abs!

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Mitch Roberts Breeds Tony Sanchez

Tony Sanchez is hungry for daddy meat and fortunately Mitch Roberts has all the meat he can handle, and a whole lot more. After getting Mitch's cock all wet with his spit, Tony opens his hole to that thick pulsing shaft. Mitch goes in deep, balls deep, into Tony's warm tender ass, filling him with a wad of hot cum.

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Young Buddies in Bareback Action - Cum Eating!

Our good old friend Carl is pleasure to look at in this hardcore video. Carl and his friend are having nice private orgy, cum eating session, made timeless thanks to Luis Blava's camera. It starts with blowing cock, continues with blowing cock naked, followed by bareback fuck, and finally cum tasting and swallowing. Enjoy!

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