Henry Cavill Super Thick Cut Cock!

Man of Steel Henry Cavill has leaked a photo of him exposing his thick hard cock! Check it out!

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Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas has amazing skin and a very pretty face with a bad boy attitude. He doesn't have much body hair and he only has two tattoos. He's tall with thick well-built thighs and a lean muscular body with a thick cock any one of our elites would love to taste. He has a vein that goes right down the middle of his hard cock that pulses with each stroke he gives. Luke is a quiet guy as he strokes every inch of his hard cock but the close he gets to climax you can hear his breathing begin to pick up. Luke likes to stroke his dick slowly and all the way up and down. He's a fan of edging himself. You can see all of Luke's body as he lies out on our couch with his legs spread. He never stops stroking that hard dick and as Claude moved in for a close-up Luke began to shoot his load straight up and out of his cock. All the cum ended up all over his smooth ripped chest and he was extremely relieved to get that nut out. Enjoy!

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Eletrical Meeting

Juan XXL comes to make an electrical control at the young Elias Roy. Elias opens the door and immediately notice that the guy is attractive and he would like to fuck this morning.
Juan notices that Elias touches his dick while he works and he likes it a lot. Especially since the young Elias is very sexy in his tracksuit pants that reveals his hot cock.

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Bait: Jay Donahue
Straight: Jay Stark

It's been a couple of months since we've seen Jay Donahue but he's back in his search for BIG straight cock! He's looking great and you'll notice that he's been hitting the gym since his last time here. Jay Stark is this week's straight guy and not only is he hot as hell and has a great body, he also has a really big and really thick cock! Even though Jay Stark's cock was already 8 inches by 8 inches, his girlfriend wanted more so he resorted to pumping it up on a regular basis. When he reached 8 inches by 10 inches, he decided that was a bit too much so he slowed down on the pumping and is at a current 8 inches by 9 inches! Caruso breaks the news that the girl can't make it but if both guys will have sex with each other then he'll double the pay. Jay Donahue couldn't keep his eyes off Jay Stark's cock so when Stark finally agreed to give it a shot, Donahue went in for the challenge. He couldn't even get his hand around it and blowing him was a struggle but the really hot part is when Stark managed to shove his giant dick in Donahue's tight ass!

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PITMAN / anal

Pitman is a scruffy surfer that I met online in one of the straight chatrooms on yahoo. He sent me some pics and I thought damn, this dude would look good with his head shaved. So I approached him with the idea of going thru military bootcamp so to speak starting off by cutting his hair and I mean REALLY cut his hair off as you'll see. With the hair gone and the attitude in, I sucked this boy off till he was rock hard... all 8.5 inches and yummy too! oh yea.. then he fucked me.

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Our horny Latin bottom Cesar Paulino got impressed when he met Franklin Acevedo and got to face what the hot Venezuelan has between his legs. When Franklin got off his clothes, Cesar couldn't stop staring at his massive dick and impatiently waited for the moment to suck it off like an obedient boy. Franklin loved every second of the long sucking session, watching Cesar swallowing every inch of his cock. He wanted to return the favor and put Cesar doggy-style to rim his nice ass. "This ass really needs to get fucked raw and hard!" - should have thought Franklin while licking and tasting the juicy asshole. So he gave Cesar exactly what he wanted: a hard pounding ending with a huge facial load that he won’t soon forget!

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Rub Me Down

Get ready for the hottest rub down, featuring gorgeous Roman Todd and stunning Cade Maddox. These two studs are about to get deeper than ever with intense dick sucking and sensual guy on guy raw sex! It does not get better than this!

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Brian and Conrad Suck Fuck and Shower

Straight off base, USMC Corporals and best battle-buddies, Brian and Conrad, report to the Major's quarters for some hot bromance action on their way back to barracks after a long weekend of debauchery in San Diego. These muscular and hung Marine studs start off with some hot body worship massage action and a bit of cock sucking before heading to the bedroom where it gets a lot more serious. Brian and Conrad get down to some fun sixty-nine action before they rim each others' asses to loosen each other up for some great fucking fuck fun. They both blow their thick cum loads and head to the shower before returning to base totally spent, but extremely satisfied.

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Young Straight Footballer Liam Cullen's 1st Massage and Manhandling!

Liam is a handsome young lad, and today he's in for a massage and doesn't seem to mind having a guy's hands on him - first his smooth body is relaxing on the bed and he allows his front and back to be massaged before his underwear gets pulled off, and soon his uncut dick is hard and he's being wanked - he wanks himself too and also films some of it, then lays back and enjoys being worked off, unloading his balls over himself!

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Lance Navarro Destroys Draven Navarro's Muscle Ass

Furry daddy Lance Navarro has got a huge, uncut cock that needs a huge muscle ass to make it feel right and shoot a hot load. When he gets that uncut monster deep inside Draven Nararro's tight, muscle bottom he fucks like he's never fucked before. Draven blows a huge creamy load getting pounded before Lance creampies that delicious dark hole and breeds it deep.

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Double Trouble: Brian Bonds, Gabriel Lunna, Apolo Fire

As Gabriel Lunna and Brian Bonds enter the room they see that Apolo Fire is having one of those dreams that none of us wants to wake from. Brian and Gabriel take out their already hard cocks and begin to enter the realm of Apolo’s dream. They move in and begin to massage the incredible globes that make up Apolo’s incredible ass. At first Apolo is not sure if this a continuation of his dream or reality. Gabriel takes Apolo’s cock into his mouth and begins servicing his magnificent manhood as Brian forces his cock deep within Apolo’s ravenous mouth. The guys switch it up as Apolo sucks and swallows Gabriel’s firm cock and Brian consumes Apolo’s steely rod, dream or fantasy, is there a difference in this situation? While Brain is servicing Apolo’s cock he also has his legs spread open and dives into that furry, pink ass tongue first. With Apolo’s ass nice and wet and spread wide open, Brian delves deep into that gift of the gods ass and fucks him deep and raw. Brian pulls his cock out and continues fucking Apolo’s ass, but this time with his tongue. Brian goes back and forth between cock and tongue, it is just too sweet of an ass not to have a through tasting. Apolo’s hot, sweet ass proves to be too much for Brian to resist as he adds to the sweetness with his thick load of cum. Gabriel wants a taste of that sweet load of cum and begins sucking Brian’s cock clean as Apolo fucks his smooth, pink hole with his tongue. Gabriel finds himself getting double the pleasure as Apolo’s pounding cock fills his ass and Brian’s cock fills his throat with equal pleasure. Switching it all up, Brian finds himself in the middle with both Apolo’s and Gabriel’s cocks penetrating his ass. As Brian relaxes his ass, Gabriel and Apolo pick up their pace and double the intensity of their fucking. The intensity of pleasure mounts to the point of explosive action as Gabriel sprays his hot load of cum all over Brian’s ass and Apolo’s balls. The feel of the hot creamy liquid on his balls forces Apolo’s load to explode up and out of his cock as Gabriel is there to lap it up as it flows. It is always a choice, double trouble or double pleasure and if you are really fortunate it will be both!

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