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Chris vs Liam

The Hemsworth brothers cock battle. See who's cock leaked photo is the biggest!

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Sisto's first time part one

Our newcomer Sisto will learn that he should not pose as he works for Ronan KS (aka Roman Tik). Ronan goes down to the cellar to see the progress of the work and finds the young Sisto smoking a cigarette. Since he pauses, let's put it to good use: Suck my cock and faster than that!

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Alex Michaels

Alex has a full inked up sleeve that is beautiful in color and he's being deployed real soon so we had to give him a chance at showing us what he's got. He's got a mean look to him but also a fun sweet caring look as well. Alex pulls his beautiful thick cock out and starts stroking every inch of it. It grows to a very nice length and I'm sure we would all love to see it in a tight ass. His skin is smooth and creamy with a great ass to go with it. His body is fit and he's tall with a great cock as you can see as he stands in the middle of the room jacking his meat. Finally, his balls are ready to burst and he stands over our glass table and basically covers the whole thing in cum as he releases his built up load.Enjoy!

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Bait: Leo Luckett Straight: Rego

The super hot and talented Leo Luckett is back this week, and this time he's returning as our bait guy! Not only has Leo discovered the taste for cock but he's also a proud bottom! Leo is really hot! He has blond hair, hazel eyes, a beautiful ripped body, and rock hard bubble butt! Leo is a real catch but today he's returned to trick a straight guy into going gay for pay so that he can see what it's like to be on the other side of the couch!

Rego is this week's straight guy and you're going to love his ass! Rego has to have the biggest bubble butt that we've ever had on! Not only is Rego gorgeous from head to toe, but he also has a big and fat 8'' cock!

As both guys sit on the couch and stroke their cocks, Caruso breaks the news to them that the girl won't be showing up today but there's still an option to make some cash... Caruso offers double the money and after thinking about it for a bit, Rego says even though he's never tried it, he'll watch the porn, let Leo take over, and see what happens! Leo jumped right in and started stroking Rego's dick and even though Rego seemed like he was going to freak out at first, by the end of the scene, he's pounding a load of out Leo before blasting his own huge load on leo's chest and neck!

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Straight Brothers Jamie & Rowan Black - Two Muscled Guys - Two Hard Uncut Cocks!

Jamie and Rowan are two brothers who are really relaxed being naked in each other's company, so I thought we'd make the most of it and go up to the roof garden with them! It takes no time to get them naked and ready for comparisons! Jamie is a stunning lad, broad, packed with muscles and handsome. Rowan is fit as anything, less packed with muscle than his brother, a little leaner and looking good. They both have rock solid uncut erections and they are happy to wank hard in front of each other, showing off their asses and laying back bringing themselves to orgasm and shooting thick loads over themselves. Does it get any hotter?

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Kodie in cammies

Straight off base, Corporal Kodie, is a tatted up, very well-ripped 21 year old Marine stud from New York who stands at 5'7" and weighs in at 145 lbs. Kodie, still wearing his cammies and boots, drops by the Major's quarters once again to rub one out for the Major's camera. Corporal Kodie just earne...

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Truth or dare

When I invited Beno, Tori, and Beno's roommate Kenny over for a Saturday afternoon game of "Truth or Dare," I had no idea what to expect. Knowing it was going to be Tori's first time with two other guys, and that he and Kenny would just be meeting for the very first time, I decided to help break the ice by offering a bonus cash prize as an extra incentive to complete the "dares."

But as it turned out, this scene needed very little "directing" or editing from me. I simply explained the basic rules of the game, turned on the camera, and let these horny black boys take over from there!

Watch every hilarious, unpredictable, intensely erotic moment as these three attractive, masculine black guys play an unscripted game of "Truth Or Dare" that turns into a spontaneous, sizzling-hot THREESOME. It's nearly TWO HOURS of authentic "reality porn" at its best!

Beno, Tori, and Kenny sit side by side on my futon while I explain the basic rules of the game. In my opinion, it's the sense of suspense and anticipation that makes watching an unscripted scene like this so much fun. Like the viewers watching at home, I had no idea what would happen next!

The "dares" are tame and silly at first, as the guys try to break the ice and shake their nerves:

"I dare you to lick Kenny's nipple!"

"I dare you to show your thing!"

"I dare you to kiss Beno!"

As the game continues, however, it's exciting to watch as things heat up and the "dares" grow more explicit and intense.

"I dare you to lick on one of his booty-cheeks!"

"I dare you to tongue-kiss my dick!"

It would be a shame to spoil TOO MANY of this scene's memorable moments and hot surprises - you really have to witness them for yourself! I will say, however, that they include a couple "dares" that initially get TURNED DOWN, only to be reluctantly given into later in the game.

Other highlights include:

* Kenny's first time sucking dick on camera!

* Tori's first time sucking TWO dicks at the same time!

* Both Kenny's and Tori's first time EATING ASS on camera!

* Beno and Kenny 69'ing (and Tori's first time seeing power-top Beno with a DICK stuffed in his mouth)!


Eventually these horny black boys simply can't control themselves any longer. Animal instincts take over and their game of "Truth Or Dare" evolves naturally and without interruption into a spontaneous, lust-crazed threesome!

There's lots of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, finger-fucking, and ass-eating leading up to the two roommates TAG-TEAMING Tori!

As long-time viewers already know, Beno's been lucky enough to get his dick up inside Tori's ass once before, but this time he gets to watch his big-dicked roommate sample those goods for himself. It's obvious from the way these insatiable tops take turns deep-fucking Tori's beautiful butt that it's something they've been craving since the start of the game!

While Kenny slams in and out of Tori's tight ass, Beno sneaks up behind and buries his face deep in his friend's off-limits butt. One of the things that turns me on most about a scene like this is watching these guys tongue-kiss each other with the same mouths that just seconds earlier were wrapped around a hard dick or licking a guy's sweaty ass.

There's never a dull moment in a threesome starring performers as naturally confident and uninhibited as Beno and Tori. Even shy, quiet Kenny comes out of his shell to give us a glimpse of a wild side we haven't seen before!

Watch as Kenny and Beno take turns POUNDING Tori's pretty brown ass in just about every position imaginable - including Tori's (and BBA's) first-ever DOUBLE-PENETRATION!

While eagerly riding Kenny's huge dick, Tori can't hold back any longer and blasts a geyser of cum all over Kenny's smooth chest.

Next, Beno enjoys the special privilege of giving his reluctant roommate his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

This lengthy scene concludes with me revealing the WINNER of the bonus cash prize, as well as brief closing comments from the three guys.

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Show me how to strip part 2

Michael's a little nervous about being asked to strip at the club later that night, so Eric and Damon give him some pointers. But it just makes Michael horny and before long he's taking both their cocks in his mouth. Eric and Damon even take turns fucking their slutty friend, and everybody pumps out a big load.

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SLADE / blowjob

Slade is a new recruit to the MC line-up today and this boy is typical of what a mid-western young blooded all american straight male who is 21 and in the military.... horny 24/7! Slade is a virgin, not to sex mind you, but to gay sex and today we're all about to witness how a real straight guy reacts to getting his cock sucked by a guy for the very first time in his life. What Slade delivers today is probably one of the HOTTEST blowjob scenes I have to date.

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Donnies's self-facial

This narrative might seem fairly familiar to those of you who've been following the site for a while: straight guy, new to San Diego, just out of a relationship, thought he'd try doing porn. At the risk of sounding repetitive, that's pretty much Donnie's story.

He's 20 y/o and was recently shipped out to SD courtesy of the military. After a bad breakup, and hearing from a few girls since then that he's got a big dick, he thought he'd see if he could make some cash showing it off to the world. He even told a few buddies about his plan and, getting a thumbs-up from them, he got in touch and was in front of the cameras a day later.

Donnie admitted that he was excited about the shoot, but was harboring some nerves. It was a little "different" jerking off with all the lights and cameras pointed at him. Keeping a big cock like his fully hard under the pressure took some work. He wasn't sure how exactly about the size of it, so I made sure to pull out the ol' measuring tape to get that squared up. Even when he wasn't fully charged up it was pushing 8 inches.

Like all the guys, I'd told Donnie to save up a load for his debut. And he took that advice to heart. When we first spoke on the phone, he was actually right in the middle of a booty call with a girl. After hanging up, he went back in with some unwelcome news (for her).

"Babe," he told her, "we can't have sex any more. I just got a call and I have an interview for a porn shoot tomorrow. She totally lost her shit and got mad."

Two days of cum built up, along with blue-balling from the previous day's hook-up paid off, though. As he pushed himself up to cumming, Donnie's eyes were rolling into the back of his head. It was intense. And when he got there, it was like a cum fountain. Huge streams of jizz flew everywhere, including one forceful shot that landed on his forehead, right between his eyes, and was dripping down his mouth.

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Hank Crenshaw

Kinky bottom bear Hank Crenshaw has nipples that are wired directly to his cock. Watch as one brush against his tits sends him into a quivering frenzy, sending streams of tasty pre-cum oozing from his cock in this slippery solo sequence!

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