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Andrew Taggart Huge Hard Cock Photo Leaked !

The total cutie pie and lead singer of 'The Chainsmokers' has leaked a photo of him exposing his real big hard cock! Check it out!

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Lexi Toyz Tops Kevin Ass

If you follow for a while, you have to necessarily know Lexi Toyz. Lexi has always been submissive and bottom in all the scenes in which he appears ... until now. Today he decided to change his habits. Especially since his partner in this video is also bottom. This is another regular actor on FrenchDudes, Kevin Ass. Kevin will discover that the young Lexi can be very hard when he changes position and becomes top.

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New Video: Hard To Swallow: Andrew & Mario

In a pairing of North and South, Brendon brings Mario and Andrew together and lets nature take its course. These two young bucks have plenty of nature stirring in their loins and Andrew is quick to taste the pleasures of Mario's cock. The handsome and mysterious Mario has a thick Latino dick that is hardened like steel but goes down easy. Andrew's cock may be slightly longer and curves down, so Mario seems eager to return the favor. After some mutual sucking, Mario takes possession of Andrew's soft, silky ass and pummels it with his fuck stick. Andrew's moans and cries bring no pity as Mario continues to shove his hard flesh into the willing hole. All that pumping causes Andrew to spew like a geyser. Stand back!

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BRANDO4 / anal

BRANDO has returned and I've cleaned up this boy and put him in a uniform to see how he looked.... DAMN! Today Brando has returned for literally a piece of Rob's ass. Something completely new for this straight boy, Brando learns what the ass of a guy feels like as he delivers his straight load raw! Watch as Rob takes on BRANDO in a match made in porn!

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Chad Neil

Today we have an extremely sexy young man who has just turned 18 and is ready to enlist with AD. We think Chad has what it takes especially when he only weighs 145lbs and is standing at a height of 5 foot 8. He's young hung and loves to hit up festivals and party the night away with his close friends. His got the energy and the look we all love here so I hope you enjoy this strapping young man and I'm sure we will see him in the not too distant future. Chad begins to undress and reveal his amazing smooth young and very sexy body. You can see his ink that has overtaken his entire arm as he tugs on his cock making it harder and harder as he becomes more comfortable with the camera. He loves to make eye contact and his eyes will make your jaw drop. As Chad strokes his hard dick standing up you can see his cute butt cheeks clinching up as he builds up his eager nut. He lies back down on the couch and spreads his legs as his cock stands straight up in the air. Chad finally gives us what we have been waiting for and that's a beautiful thick load that shoots up and out all over his balls and cock.


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Bait: Mike Maverick Straight Sebastian

Mike Maverick is back in search of straight cock. He's had a dry spell lately so he decided to contact Caruso to make some cash and score some straight dick. Mike looks just a hot as the last time you saw him. He's still hitting the gym and keeping up with his ripped body.

Sebastian is also at the studio to make money and get laid. However, Sebastian thinks he's going to be fucking a girl. Sebastian works out almost daily and it shows. This straight stud is ripped from head to toe and has some killer biceps!

Caruso goes to check on the female talent while having both guys stroke their cocks. When he returns, they're both rock hard but not for long. Caruso delivers the bad news that there won't be a girl today. But, if both guys will have sex with each other then he can double the money! Sebastian finally agrees and Mike goes after his cock. He's been craving straight cock for a long time and now that he has it, he isn't going to let it get away!

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Straight Lad Chris Gets Fucked By New Boy Lewis Who Cums All Over The Place !

Lewis is a young gay lad with a firm muscular body. He's done a photo shoot for us before, but we were keen to see him fuck a guy, so we brought in Naughty Chris - a straight lad who has a thing for being fucked! And Lewis got straight to it, the lads were naked in no time, sucking each other, 69ing - two uncut cocks having plenty of fun! Chris gets warmed up with a dildo in his arse, then Lewis applies the lube to him liberally and plunges in! Lewis knows how to fuck hard and he thoroughly works Chris over, ploughing his hole from behind, from underneath, and missionary style. Chris cums first - shooting a huge load all over himself, and then Lewis shoots next - shot after shot - splattering Chris in his massive load!

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The Toy Box

The gang over at Fort Troff has sent a literal toy box of goodies for all your restrictive pleasures, and Scotty Zee and Allen Lucas are lucky enough to put it all to the test. Like a good little puppy, Allen has volunteered to be Scotty's fuck-slave, and Scotty takes him up on it, using the leash to guide Allen, and using the spread-bar to pry him nice and wide open for a hard pounding. Scotty puts the gear to good use, keeping Allen's arms tied behind him as he fucks him from behind, and gagging Allen's throat with his meatstick whenever the mood strikes him. To his credit, Allen takes it all willingly, begging Scotty for more as he takes it rough and raw in every which way possible. When he's satisfied, Scotty lets Allen cum himself, which he does, before Scotty flips him over and breeds his hole with his warm seed.


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Behind Closed Doors #3

  Sneak with us “behind closed doors” to spy on all of the freaky, NASTY things that horny black guys sometimes do with each other IN SECRET when their girlfriends and “baby mamas” think they’re busy at work or just hanging out with their “homeboys”....

This includes slobbering on each others’ big dicks, licking each others’ tight assholes, and sometimes even RAW-fucking one of their "bros" in his ass!

Filmed a couple days prior to the recent one-on-one encounter between Stylez and Shazeer, this was the very first threesome for both Bandit and Shazeer, and you can tell they were both a little bit nervous and uncomfortable with the idea, at least at first.

There’s lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW spit-roast fucking as three of BBA's sexiest light-skinned models (two "DL" and one "straight") explore each others' naked bodies for the VERY FIRST TIME and have the kind of freaky, forbidden fun that only guys can enjoy with each other....

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Corporal Kolt

Straight off base, Corporal Kolt, is an extremely ripped and very well-muscled 21 year old corn-fed Marine stud from Iowa who stands at 5'9" and weighs in at 190 lbs. He recently received his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and drops by the Major's quarters to bust his nut during a webcam

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Casting Part Two - Handjob - Cumshot

Freshly 18-year-old Twink Casper and his first gay experience.

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Muscle Daddies Adam Ryker and Michael Roman Fuck Bareback

Two big-docked muscled daddies fucking hard and raw - what's not to love? Adam Ryker and Michael Roman waste no time getting down to business. Adam lubes up Michael's beautiful hole with his spit, before sliding his beautiful hard cock deep into him. Michael takes that pole like a pro, riding it until be blows a huge wet load over his tanned torso.

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